How to prepare for and survive a disaster

This infographic is part of the article written by MoneyMax, the Philippines’ major platform for comparing financial and telecom products and services for Full article can be read is available at Resilience Reporter or here

Cost of disasters (infographic)

Balcombes Claims Management recently shared an infographic displaying the catastrophic costs around the world caused by natural disasters. From earthquakes in Japan, China, and Haiti, to the ongoing typhoons in Indonesia, the financial amounts are staggering. Can the economic toll from future disasters like these be reduced?

Collaboration: An emerging dominance in disaster resilience

The emergence of the disaster resilience narrative over the past 15 years has been a slow process. It has been challenged by both the policy and practice arms of disaster management jargon in Australia, despite some outwardly significant projects aiming to establish a disaster resilience dialogue as an integral part of the way the country…

Resilience according to Rudy Giuliani

Discussions on resilience can sometimes be enhanced by reflecting on arguments and points formed at previous stages and under different circumstances. Some views may be conventional; some controversial. Nevertheless, a robust debate, regardless of how polarising it is, can still be of merit.  For that reason I thought it worthwhile sharing this piece by former…

Eight Takeaways from Eight Cities

This is a very interesting ‘must-read’  by Lizzy Chan from 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge initiative by the Rockefeller Foundation.  Around the world, our first 32 cities are kicking off their 100 Resilient Cities Challenge engagements with workshops, and we’ve had great conversations about the cities’ urban challenges and resilience opportunities. There’s a lot more…

Those old dudes knew a thing or two!

By Bruce Grady I am not just referring to those of us with a little grey, or little at all, hair.  I am going way back – to the 17th Century and renowned French philosopher, mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal. Pascal was a genius, inventing the first calculating machine while still a teenager.  As well…


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