Leadership Team

Caroline Austin, Director Communications,

CarolineAExploring the role of communication and information provision in building community level resilience.

Caroline has extensive experience in emergency communications, management and strategy in the not for profit / humanitarian sector gained in a variety of senior level positions. She has developed and managed large-scale communications, partnership and development projects in various locations worldwide, with a particular focus on disaster-affected communities. She has a particular interest in the role of technology in supporting resilience communities and has developed and managed projects that support this objective.

Further details about Caroline’s work and publications can be found at: http://about.me/caroline.austin/#


Jelenko Dragisic, Founder, Director Strategy and Collaboration

 Self 2“Resilience is best defined not as a response or reaction to a disruptive event but rather despite it and regardless of its likelihood. Like happiness, power, influence etc, resilience is more likely to be a by-product of doing things for the right reasons in the right way. At the core of resilience is truth to life. Resilience is the ability to grow in one’s manifestly self-generating direction while simultaneously absorbing shocks, and disruptions, and acquiring new strategies (adaptive capacity) but never abandoning one’s ‘true end’, be it on an individual, personal level or on a socio-economic system level.”

Jelenko is a collaboration strategist and disaster resilience planner. As founder of ROADMENDER, collaboration consultancy, Jelenko advocates a view that future enterprises will be critically dependent on their collaborative strategy. The formation of Global Resilience Collaborative (GRC) was borne out of years of observation and analysis that clearly identifies that resilience in a systematic manner is not possible without a collaborative approach involving a broad range of disciplines.

Jelenko has extensive experience across the private, public and not for profit sectors, having worked in a variety of management roles in organisations such as Australian Red Cross, Griffith University, Greening Australia and Volunteering Qld. While CEO of Volunteering Qld, Jelenko designed and implemented Step Up, one of the largest disaster resilience programs in Australia. This award winning program is based on large-scale collaboration, bringing together various levels of government, community organisations, universities and the corporate sector. A significant part of the program was dedicated to Australia’s first resilience building initiative for the business sector.

Jelenko is also founder/editor of ResilienceReporter.com, a seven day a week resilience news, analysis and resource portal focusing on making resilience a recognisable topic for the general population.

An active public speaker and presenter, Jelenko devotes much of his time voluntarily advising various organisations on matters of collaboration, CSR and resilience. He served as a member of the Inclusive Brisbane Board, the Advisory Panel of Green Cross Australia and the City Security and Resilience Network Australia (CSARN).