Make resilience a business asset

By Dr Rose Gantner.

Dr Gantner is a wellness consultant based in USA and a member of Global Resilience Collaborative.


Most people want meaningful and enriched lives for themselves and significant others. Why is this so hard to accomplish and blend together in one’s personal life, the workplace, and the community? Or, how do individual employee habits, attitudes, beliefs, skills, motivation, and values align with the organization’s goals to form a mutual partnership of trust and higher morale so individuals, teams, and companies grow and benefit emotionally and financially?

Once people know the ”why” and “what “ of resilience and positive psychology components, they will be able to learn the “how” to achieve their present and future goals, make the best out of any stressful situation, and become stronger and more emotionally agile, with a clear focus on their immediate choices and the potential consequences.

Human capital is an important investment. Equally important is psychological capital1, the positive resources of efficacy, hope, optimism, and resilience. These resources may be the key to helping employees move from less stress to more energy and to improving the workplace culture fit with the employee’s skills, knowledge, and attitudes. The progression should move towards talent optimization, training, and retaining high performers with high resilience. Research supports that highly resilient leaders are more successful, creative, and innovative and display more emotional stability, strength, honor, and integrity when faced with adversity.2

Evidence shows that resilience and the emerging field of organizational behavior, along with positive organizational scholarship, can improve engagement, performance, and productivity; increase individual’s cognitive flexibility to adapt to change with a calm assertiveness, and encourage striving towards success and personal accountability.3..READ ON…

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