Resilience according to Rudy Giuliani

Discussions on resilience can sometimes be enhanced by reflecting on arguments and points formed at previous stages and under different circumstances. Some views may be conventional; some controversial. Nevertheless, a robust debate, regardless of how polarising it is, can still be of merit.  For that reason I thought it worthwhile sharing this piece by former Mayor of New York, Rudolf “Rudy” Giuliani.  Written in 2088 when Mr Giuliani had other political ambitions, the article mostly focuses on homeland security.  However, it is the part about resilience being one of three principles he identifies as vital for societal safety that is of particular relevance.  I recommend the whole article for a better contextual perspective anyway. I first came across this article on City Journal’s website. City Journal is generally a great source of in-depth writing on urbanism. The full article can be read here…

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