Let’s talk about water. Serioulsy

North Sea Flood of 1953 was a game changer...

North Sea Flood of 1953 was a game changer…

The Dutch have been regarded as people who know a thing or two about water.  The third of nation is at the sea level.  The other two are below it.  So, when it comes to managing floods and making the entire country resilient we should all listen the Dutch experts like Henk Ovink.  Global Resilience Collaborative is happy to share this find.


What Henk Ovink Thinks: The Dutch idea-guy ponders Hoboken’s flooding problem

Perched on a stool next to a large window at the downtown Starbucks in Hoboken, Dutch water expert Henk Ovink turns his intense gaze to the sidewalk outside. “Look at the pavement,” he says. “Do you see any capacity to hold water?” Ovink is possibly the Netherlands’ most valued export at the moment. With rising sea levels and booming waterfront development occurring all over the world, his expertise in urban planning in a country built on a river delta is in high demand. Luckily for Hoboken, once an island surrounded by marsh but now filled in and urbanized, Ovink is currently working with the federal government to help the entire New York metropolitan area rethink how to live close to the water. As for Hoboken’s sidewalks, they in fact have no capacity to hold water. The problem is emblematic of the city’s larger water issues, which came to a head during the infamous Hurricane Sandy…


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