Next Round of Resilient Cities!

One of the newly inducted cities.

One of the newly inducted cities.

The amazing and in our view a game changing initiative by the The Rockefeller Foundation has doubled its global network or resilient cities.  Yesterday’s announcement has shown again that the network of cities who understand that the future of their wellbeing is closely tied up the resilience capacity is as diverse and widespread as is the initiative itself.  We congratulate all the cities that have made a effort in right direction.  Below are details from the Rockefeller Foundation team. 


Today we proudly announce the second group of cities selected to join 100 Resilient Cities – cities who have demonstrated a commitment to building their own capacities to navigate the shocks and stresses of an increasingly complex 21st Century. During our first 18 months, we’ve seen our first cohort of cities mature, appoint chief resilience officers, and embark on their own resilience strategy processes. No doubt this momentum contributed to the immense response we saw to the second round of the 100 Resilient Cities Challenge has been enormous, with 331 exceptional applications from cities around the world, submitted in seven languages…READ ON

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