Judith Rodin’s warning for the world: ‘Crisis is becoming the new normal’

Perhaps the most prominent advocate of resilience in the world Dr Judith Rodin, the CEO of Rockefeller Foundation recently penned the highly acclaimed The Resilience Dividend book focusing on ‘”managing disruption, avoiding disasters and growing stronger in an unpredictable world”.  The book and the effort are worth sharing with the broader audience.  Global Resilience Collaborative strongly urges our readers and colleagues to learn more.  For now we are happy to share the bellow article recently published by The Guardian.


Judith Rodin explains the resilience dividend.

Judith Rodin explains the resilience dividend.

Judith Rodin’s new book, The Resilience Dividend, begins with her surveying the destruction wrought by Superstorm Sandy in October 2012. “There were the low-lying neighbourhoods of Staten Island exposed to sea rise, flooding and storm surge, where people had died in the storm. I saw damaged dunes and other soft, natural infrastructure that had been washed away, leaving neighbourhoods completely unprotected … I saw homes destroyed, neighbourhoods disrupted, people’s lives destroyed.”…READ ON

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